Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we are asked time and time again:

01. Can Ignition help me with my audio project?
Yes - Ignition is a full-service audio production and recording house. Whatever your audio requirements - we can help. Even if your needs are not covered on our services page, chances are we can still help. For example we've previously produced screencasts, album artwork and even iPhone applications despite these not being key services.
02. What is the typical recording process?
We're totally client-focused and for that reason our sessions are run on a per-project basis according to your requirements. Our flexibility in this regard is unparalleled.
03. How much time should we book for our project?
There are so many variables that there is no hard answer to this question. Contact us with your project requirements and we'll get back to you quickly with a feasible time estimate.
04. What do I need to bring to the recording session?
This depends on what you're planning on recording. Musician clients will need to bring a drum kit, guitars, plectrums, sticks, batteries, strings, drum skins, lyrics and reference material. Once booked in, we will send you a welcome pack with all the info you need.
05. Can we use our own producer/engineer/director/voice actors?
Certainly, please advise us of this when booking in.
06. Can you cast session musicians or voice actors for my project?
Yes, we have a roster of talented session musicians and voice actors so this is not a problem. When booking in, we'll provide you with access to our roster to select the talent that best suits your project.
07. Can you compose backing tracks for my song?
Yes, we have an award-winning team of composers that can help produce original backing tracks in any number of genres for your songs.
08. Are you able to record telephone calls?
Yes, we've invested in specialist telephone recording equipment and have recorded many telephone conversations for a number of high profile projects.
09. Are there printing or Internet facilities at the studio?
Yes, there are printing facilities and clients are able to log on to our wireless Internet at the studio.
10. How much will it cost us to record at Ignition?
Please contact us for an accurate quote for your project.
11. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept bank transfers, cash and cheques.
12. What are your payment terms?
We require a 50% deposit upfront with the balance payable upon completion and delivery of the project. Special payment terms may exist for certain corporate clients.
13. What if my session runs over the booked time?
You can either book additional time or continue the session at our standard hourly rate provided there is studio capacity to do so.
14. How will my completed recordings be supplied?
We tend to supply completed recordings on CD-R or DVD-R. We are also able to save to your external hard drive or deliver online via our secure FTP.
15. What is the current availability at the studio?
Please contact us to find out if the dates you want are available.
16. Can we come and view the studio before booking in?
Of course. Please contact us to book a viewing appointment with our studio manager.
17. Can I cancel my session?
Yes, but unfortunately deposits are non-refundable.
18. Can I work for or with you guys?
Unfortunately, not at the moment.