Voice Over Recording Services

Our dedicated voice over suites and extensive experience in this field allows us to cater for all your voice over requirements, including wild audio, telephone recording, video-synched ADR, talent casting and much, much more.

Voice over showreel

Case Study

Otis needed Ignition to cast voices in English, Welsh and Gaelic for their talking elevator systems. Ignition found suitable voice talent for this project, recorded the voice overs, edited, mastered and delivered the recordings online with minimal fuss.

More to come

Key Services

  • Script preparation
  • Video preparation
  • ADR
  • Localisation
  • Audio direction
  • Post production
  • Quality assurance
  • Secure file delivery
  • Voice talent casting
  • Voice over recording

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Voice over facilities

  • Vocal booth for sound isolation
  • High-end mics for incredible quality
  • Telephone recording
  • Skype for client dial-in
  • Voice talent database
  • Secure FTP for delivery

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